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2011  National Arts Festival à Grahamstown

L’illustrateur français Loustal est invité au plus grand festival artistique du continent africain : le National Arts Festival.

Illustration de Loustal.
Loustal va se rendre au National Arts Festival qui rassemble chaque année des artistes sud-africains et internationaux et des milliers de festivaliers. Dans le cadre de cet évènement, Loustal participe à des discussions de groupe et expose ses Carnets de Voyage au sein de l’exposition CO/MIX : Comic Art / Mixed Media 2011.
Exposition innovante
Organisée par Andy Mason, Pete Woodbridge et Elaine Woodbridge, CO/MIX : Comic Art / Mixed Media est une exposition innovante regroupant les œuvres de vingt-six artistes sud-africains et quatre artistes internationaux (y compris Loustal, Ephameron de Belgique, Erik Kriek des Pays-Bas et JP Kalonji de Suisse), chacun impliqué dans certains aspects de la bande dessinée et la sculpture.

Jacques de Loustal.
Centaines d’événements
Créé en 1974, le National Arts Festival est devenu au cours des années le festival artistique le plus reconnu du continent africain. Durant 11 jours, la petite ville de Grahamstown accueillera des centaines d’évènements artistiques en tous genres : théâtre, musique, danse, expositions, spectacles de rues, marchés d’artisanat et beaucoup plus.
Loustal est invité au National Arts Festival à Grahamstown avec le soutien de l’Institut français en Afrique du Sud, l’ambassade de France en Afrique du Sud et l’Institut français.




Age restrictions: All ages
Duration: 90
Friday 1 July 3:00 pm @ Ntsikana Gallery

1 July - ‘Comics Across The Oceans’, a panel discussion between renowned international comic artists Jacques de Loustal (France), Ephameron (Belgium) and South African comic artists, facilitated by Andy Mason. Loustal is famous for his richly illustrated travel journals, while Ephameron has created a series of drawings which construct a comparative visual iconography of everyday life in Belgium and South Africa. (15:00-16:30)

Main / Art Walkabout
Take a stroll around this stimulating and unusual exhibition with Jaques de Loustal (France), Ephameron (Belgium) and SA CO/MIX artists.

CO/MIX 2011 is an innovative group exhibition featuring 26 South Africans and four international artists, each involved in some aspect of comic art and sculpture.

CO/MIX is concerned with comic art as an aesthetic form and a narrative platform. It leapfrogs over the barricades that once defended fine art from pop culture, bringing cartoon images onto canvas and fine art works onto usable, wearable surfaces.

Drawing inspiration from the Beautiful Losers DIY street art movement, CO/MIX conjoins expressionist comic art with political and underground cartooning and the contemporary visual subcultures of skate, surf, street, hip hop, indie craft and graffiti, overlaying it all with a passionate concern for aesthetic integrity in
the creation of unique art objects.

Age restrictions: 13
Duration: 60

Wednesday 8 July 11:30 am @ Thomas Pringle Hall
Friday 1 July 11:30 am @ Thomas Pringle Hall





I first saw artwork by Jacques de Loustal at one of the Comics Brew
exhibitions in Cape Town, a few years back. Alongside his comic book work,
he is renowned for his travel journals, and his richly coloured scenes of
exotic locales stuck in my mind. A few months ago, an official in the French
Embassy, Guy de la Chevallerie, got in touch with me to tell me about an
exciting Loustal travel journal project to be hosted as part of the French
Season, to be held in SA in the second half of 2012. The first part of this
project, he told me, would involve Loustal coming to South Africa for a couple
of weeks in 2010 to make a travel journal about his visit. This would then be
published and launched next year as part of the French season in SA.

Great, I replied. Why doesn’t he participate in our Co/Mix exhibition, which
we were at that moment planning. And so it came to be. Loustal is such an
incredibly high-profile, busy artist that we haven’t as yet had personal contact
with him, but what is obvious from the numerous blog posts about him is that
he seems to travel more or less non-stop, making art and being celebrated
wherever he goes.

Here’s some info about him, gleaned from various online sources.

Born in Neuilly, a suburb of Paris, in 1956, Loustal got involved in illustrating
rock & folk ‘zines and posters while an architecture student in the early ‘70s.
He became friends with the writer Philippe Paringaux, and they began
working as an artist/writer team on comic projects. At around that time
Paringaux and Loustal started producing comics for Métal Hurlant (Screaming
Metal), the French adult comic magazine specialising in weird SF and horror,
sex and existentialism. Launched in 1974, and created by a collective of avant
garde comic artists known as Les Humanoïdes Associés (United Humanoids),
including Jean Giraud (better known as Mœbius) and Philippe Druillet, Métal
Hurlant was very much the ‘in’ ‘zine on the French BD scene in those days.
In 1977, Métal Hurlant arrived in the English-speaking world as Heavy Metal.
(Sadly, the version that exists today is a miserable shadow of the original mag
of the late ‘70s and 80s.)

From 1984 Loustal became a frequent contributor to the monthly À Suivre, for
which he created ‘Coeurs de Sable’, ‘Barney et la Note Bleue’, ‘Un Jeune
Homme Romantique’ and ‘Kid Congo’. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he
published numerous albums in which his work was collected.

Loustal describes himself as ‘an obsessive traveller’ and has traveled widely
in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean, recording his adventures in
a succession of travel journals. Besides comics, Loustal has also had an
extensive career in illustration.

His Co/Mix contribution consists of 12 small original drawings, in pen and
ink and colour, documenting scenes and moments from his travels around
the world. He will be visiting Cape Town and Grahamstown from 25 June
until early July. Stay tuned to this blog for opportunties to meet the great BD